Healthy Food on the Go

At Greens and Proteins, we take great pride in the healthy menu that we offer on a daily basis. Providing Healthy options to the community is a task and responsibility that we take very serious. Today’s customer base is serious about what they put or do not put in their bodies and they can dine with us in confidence knowing that we truly care. We make it a focus of the company to purchase the highest quality and natural ingredients possible and eliminate products that contain GMOs and artificial coloring or flavors.

Vibrant and Welcoming

Come on in and have a seat, our stores are designed with a combination of natural earth elements and modern design.

The Greens and Proteins brand has a strong focus on natural earth elements. We use green, white and brown colors to build a soothing pallet. We use materials such as reclaimed wood and unique types of stone to decorate the walls and floor. We incorporate a chalk board into each store that has a hand sketched Greens and Proteins logo. We believe that these natural colors and elements help to provide a cool and calming atmosphere that is the perfect setting to enjoy the healthy meals created by our chef and cook team.

Got Nutrients? Got Fiber? Get G&P!

There is no reason to sacrifice flavor and fun for healthy and fresh. You can have it all! At Greens and Proteins our blended juices and smoothies are made fresh to order using a unique combination of nutrient dense raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.